we saw the sparkling lights that’s when we had the first dream
they said they will bake us pancakes
if we stopped putting blood everywhere;
the roses his rectum was perfectly pink
pink pink pink pink pink pink and as vague as a human hand
or a human medusa,

then the kids blinded us with handfuls of grey grass, we surrendered at the end;
or mother spilled dough drops on the floor, one of us knelt and licked it, 
and smiled

the body shape on the sand i think i recognized it i think it was mine

the lights of the Kings were vanishing so quickly,  we would press the bleeding tissue on our horses’ faces
and mystify the names of the children in front of their pretty mothers
we would accept the fever or Hercules in our bodies 
we would shiver with relief and would paint our nails to honour our deads

i fear the lights on my fingertips they don’t resemble the sun beams at all

i lay down on my father in his sleep i rub my ankles on his ankles twice
and the blank space between our knees, nothing grow there;
something innocent flew nearby just near my ear 
i guess i didn’t give the King what he expected since the day he gave me birth
o lord don’t forget to pierce my ear with your viril sounds
the bell was tied to my brother’s neck, my brother tied to the barn door
under the sheets the evil eye;
the limits of my lips mingled to the field’s colours, my mother filled my mouth with grapes
the sweet taste of gasoline pleased her as she kissed my cheeks
and no one dropped dough on the floor who am i he asked
and then he died;

some flies made their way to our beds a violent wind undressed my father in my sleep
we thought nothing happened that night there behind the King’s back
and so we ran and the rain was the semen of our ancestors,
in our hands were drowing animals’ eyes
then the ground opened but we weren’t there;

our mother died a virgin my eyelids are still black after the rain
you shall now touch the seed with one finger and you shall not speak you shall not speak

they would eludate the blood with a vinegar symmetry 
my hand or his hand leading the dead dog to his bed of hail
and we would received silence from god’s glands
and spread it on our faces;
i feed my brothers with my own gleaming body and myself with dusty semaphores
for you my boys for you i would sacrifice my last piece piece of bread

on a blue floor of agonizing virgins our father gave up his name and twisted his finger
we counted to ten, someone behind us
he sanctified himself,
i don’t fear the vanity of this chopped off head

north was going through us
we don’t know if they use stars now she said, 
she was my sister slowly rotting on the stairs
she was my sister when i broke the vase 
and wrote her name along her thigh with locks of painted hair;
so what breathes around our faces of pure terror, delicate mud, the arm of the child is a bracelet
are you there singing boys that i violently embraced yesterday
he took aspirin
then dismembered his heirs;
my mother’s sister is dead 
under the vines she took off her dress and waited for Venus, who wasn’t there
we are just vaguely there,
minuscules as the flour that covered up her face
he sat next to me and spat blue blood on my bike’s seat,
what is behind me i can’t even guess
that’s when she burnt the dog’s hairs and bit my night leg
children licked my feet in a green reflection of hail:

a fly walks on my neck 
we eclipse the moon and throw a knife at it,
far from the devil’s tongue

dad do you want to smell this rose in front of Helen
we touch the wolf and his skin is pure light, somehow he looks exactly like in a book
and again the roses digested us, who said there was no wolf, we are back by the water
this tree this tree is my whole family she scratched her leg:

i want to smell what’s inside your hands the door of Hell is there
i really am a doll God cried in despair;
we braided iron petals in our hair thinking the war was over
we are in the middle of nowhere, 
we bite our nails, our father wandering between different layers of gold that we 
vomited in the stairs

then crawling under the vines with Jesus on my back,
by the circle water we crushed our fingers. the blood is for the fishes
the dog was following me nibbling the long long hair
i’m outside my father now i am lost in the garden


my neigbours’ throats are very red at night it’s something i like to look at
from the street we would see them glitter like vipers;

our pray is there behind the window, a gold leaf on the edge of the roof
believe me there is nothing really worth dying for behind those veils
someone went missing after dinner
my brothers made a pile of birds on the table;
we painted our fingertips with lipstick before going to bed
and dreamt we were licking a ball of blue light
take that with you and go chase the sun he said
and poured mud in our ears;

now we take the indian knife and slice the guinea pig until it shines like a rainbow 
or something like that

our father is a raven he has raven’s memories
under our nails the guinea pig’s breath;
we would dance on the roof with red pearls in our mouths
our veins were wrapped around versicolored ribbons
and ran on the walls like water spiders
then again mother was baking a honeypie, singing

i want to sit here and watch the pile of birds 
the pile of birds
(we did not hang ourselves to the beams of the sun)

it was a tuesday morning
shirley sat at the end of the table where our father used to sit,
i don’t believe in solar system anymore
(he danced upon my face he wasn’t salomon at all)
it was at that moment one of us came sitting on top of the bird pile on the table;
i ran to the lake with my knees uselessly wet
people with torn eyes mostly walk around at night
shirley spat rain under my skirt;

we could make a real ceremony, with empty glasses and golden knives
shirley laughed and said he drank the lemonade blood
our father hid himself behind the violet bushes;
dancing on the roof with mud on our faces
we were scared of opening our palms
scared of discovering what we were hiding in our hands

then i let the guinea pig devour my face.


the next day we slapped her harder
don’t paint me yellow ! she cried
don’t cry yellow
she was thoroughly bleached her neck her face
and then they came, small animals
small small small small animals
(we do love bleach too)
if we ever find our way out of the wood,
then we’ll die

sperm is a colour, kids are perched
don’t die there in the woods
(he took the dog for a walk and now he is dead)
pink paint would encircle my left wrist, all this blood
emoc ot el eht elttil seon
i esimorp emoc tuo dna yalp 
i t’now kool
i t’now kool
sselnu ouy eid
these love bites your family jewelries my son;
i remember you know his hair his hair was sometimes grey
(we enjoy your face crushed against the wall)
there was another cage this one is empty
‘we lied to you my child this bear isn’t your father’
then the walls moved to be near us to be near us

we never said we knew the alphabet
‘us muslims we never say the name of God’ he said saying it
hung above the strawberries field before night break maybe it was me me me
ew reven dias ew wenk eht tebahpla
a discret walk to the park...
it was closed on monday they said
now this

they stole oranges from me they stole oranges from me
sometimes i urinate rain even though i am not a catholic;
‘when he devoted himself to the bleach...’
o lord,
give us back our pants 
pieces of my head enclosed in the good old baker’s bread
then he said, ‘i beg your pardon King Salomon’ then he died.
(she smiled when they undug me)
the jar opened slightly, something RED
something borrowed
something DEAD
(we did not steal that they said it was in the bread)
this apple pie is baked for GOD,
a jaw wrapped in plastic the land was near and yet we couldn’t speak,
open your hands so i can see your pearls
‘this is the bell you shall ring when you’ll be buried alive in a pet cemetery’
insanely nice people offer me an apple
before they slit my throat;
are we alone he asked did we lock the door
‘we won’t let you go if you stay pretty’
i pity my brothers i pity their ankles, always twisted
and if we were not there who would slap the sailors;
you see me now as i was in your garden twenty years ago, as long as it is pretty he said
(the end was near and yet we couldn’t speak)
‘don’t lie to me you don’t recognize the sea’
she is always with you in heaven, your twin sister 
(my sister is still DEAD)
salt ends, deer friend
(i think they sucked up a fish)
you know my boy we don’t need you to have toes,

ti swa a erem yadseut

‘i see. the limits of your body’
watching those kids on a merry go round, to choose one
careful my child don’t sneeze before you pass the river
i frowned to the melon our redemption won’t be golden at all;
they were rehearsing christmas eve i choked with a candy before they undressed me
eyelids glued with pure light BITE THE NURSE ! BITE THE NURSE !
‘i will not last forever.’ a rock
glowing birds humping our lips, repeatedly.
you would hear this voice every time you dive
‘someone waiting for you by the bed’
the sun won’t boil it take it i plucked it for you
the moon won’t boil it
take it i boiled it for you
she pictured the blade in her hand that’s when she remembered,
‘ the sky is not above anymore’
(he said he could never get hard with barbelö)
my hairs were hung above the lavenders at noon it is my lady o it is my worm
‘mingle the bottles. now. do it.’ both of them blue;
(that’s when they discovered my wife wasn’t edible)
he opened the bedroom door
my tail was well hidden;
he unwrapped his christmas presents
I was hard.
she was my only daughter and now she’s dead

after the deer
nothing appears

(when i asked his name the boy fell dead)

hongrians would swallow raw eggs the night of their weddings
‘we won’t scratch the green wall’ the skull nodded;
your sister. the wind took her away
(i thought i would blow the astronaut)
‘you will be slapped to death if you don’t glow in the dark’
(and now there is a cure against gravity)
they said i ate an orange my beloved is there, under this rock;
‘can you spell your names kids’ we didn’t know what to answer
we thought we saw the moon we closed the door;
open your eyes you’re a young girl now put on your dress
old man put the candy in the sleeping child’s mouth. ‘if you don’t swallow it you will be considered as a betrayer’
(our beds on the stairs were no beds at all)
i didn’t mean to drink it they mingled the bottles the color they injected in my eyelids,
it itches;
someone is beaten to death with a handful of honeysuckles
(and for some of us the island did not appear at all)
‘no one made the drawing’ the drawing was torn
this dog this dog didn’t die of natural death - silence.
when we saw the purple scarf for the second time we knew we would be taken away
‘you would be missed.’ he put the lid back on the pan
when he grew older
he died.

in a dream we were told we didn’t need to breath
our hands are on your eyes, we tied branches around our necks we didn’t sleep at all
(we were not afraid of the animals appearing beyond our eyelids)
i lay down in front of you, salty.
a quiete leaf wrap around you wrist we exhale dim light, look under the rock 
the virgin eye
body fractaled on the surface of our lips,
(we bit through a jellyfish our daughters appearing in the middle of the lake)

we saw our faces on a piece of soap and sliced it
and spread it
and remember the valleys, they move so fast
he was my sister when he fell asleep i wrote his name reversed on his back
‘your ship wrecked many years ago’ he smiled and walked away;
they were hung here yesterday and now they’re gone
(he told everyone the tree was his father)
pass the mountains there they grew, the missing kids;
our horse knew someday the night would come he paused. fingers were sucked
we were bleeding pure gold, we went on;
(the bride knew all the season’s names)
the fishes were on me they were sometimes keeping me company
the sea the silence were not worth dying for;
you were my beautiful sissster we took a nap a long nap and woke up on a tuesday
we celebrated our hair our necks the woods would envy us
‘and if i don’t die for my sister i’ll die for a lonely sailor’
we believed sleep was the dust of the sea
and when the rain stopped we did not believe in God any longer
(a grasshopper in each hand we drink the death of spring)
we caught the snails they threw off from the cliffs 
then vomiting gold on the bench,
someone or something dancing on the outskirts of the green planet;
i can’t recall the colours of my mother her eye her thigh
our ears are there, well kept
then they found their way to my bed, the reptiles;
a leak on the roof, sperms drops
squatted in the hollow trunk i waited and waited but nothing appears
(when we run in the woods we are invisible to God)
KIDS, FUCKING - to be sanctified
when i touched him he looked like a cat, only smaller
(with a hole in your head you’ll be able to control the rotation of the sun)
there’s nothing there, after the river
i see a yellow dog, and two vines
‘say anything that comes to your mind’ said the tv,
my skin is peeling the boy said
oblivion was right there, in this very puddle he lied;
the surface of the walls was the skin of my mother
the islands were infected by the pork;
soon or later kids you will embrace this octopus
‘i love pudding’ - me too, he cum;
those noises are insects tickling the mold on your tits
vinegar was injected in the cells, then a foxtrot;
we removed the heavy skull and cleaned the area with lemonade
a citrus would be placed in the dead part of the brain, sharpening our teeth on ivory drops
then i promised not to bite the muscles;
a lonely nap tangles my father’s hair the red woman spat sun semens on our hands;
are you sure that’s what you want you won’t depend on gravity anymore
‘he left his lipstick on the bench and now he’s dead’
(my breath was somehow mingled with glass)
i spat the milk on his scar the milk (jar was full of blue sunday)
‘i trust the insects they’ll lead us the way to the cabin’
our pockets filled with apricots we take off our faces;
(we didn’t know the cure was in the shell)
on a mouthful of plastic my sister choked to death
black bird black bird they sung;
(they were drawing vines on our chests)
we pissed rays of light on the violet hay the divine child spread himself all over my face
shall we really trust the villagers?
it wasn’t violent so i went back to sleep
suddenly the neighbours dissembled me;
this wasn’t there when we locked up
our fiancés are yellow dust under the blankets, we inhale
‘those kids got married in a pet cemetery
 they killed our dog and ate his eye’ 
(war is declared)