Community is a circumscribed social network supported by attendant dialectically sedimented cultural values.

Community values are produced from a community’s history of solutions and prejudices to its specifically immanent and socially transcendent struggles.

A virtue of community is its supports and restrictions for rigorous thought and praxis for its emphasized values that deprecates as products are decontextualized from their originary problematics and can be revitalized by dialectical recontextualization in present conditions.

A danger of community is its immanent cultural valorization leading to unrigorous thought and praxis.

This tendency is supported by a community’s use of presupposed positive and negative signifiers including community as a presupposed positive signifier autovalorizing its attendant cultural values manifested in its immanent collection of presupposed signifiers.

My solution is an anti-community negativity situated in poetics emphasizing its separation from politics and capacity for contradiction by invention of formal logics while placing its valorization outside its immanence in rigorous political praxis.

Aesthetic and philosophical anti-community variations are potentially novel by intrinsic qualities as anti-community poetics intrinsically contests linguistic signification.

Within immanence is the consideration of the totality of knowledge to exceed community circumscription to construct interventions.

Intervention completes anti-community poetics’ rigor by specific research and praxis in its situation.

Communization and desocialization not community and assimilation.

Problematizing community in a rigorous dialectic between militant anti-community poetics and political praxis enables a more dangerous notion of community in permanent emergence exceeding any circumscription for dynamic praxis in seizing and realizing truth and action in potential circumscriptions.